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Lacerhate started out in 2008, in Cremona/Bergamo (Italy) as a metal/hardcore band influenced by the Punk/HC/Metal scene (bands like Hatebreed, Sepultura, Soulfly, All Shall Perish...).

After recording a self titled four tracks demo in 2009, the band faced various line up changes and finally, on Feb 2011, released the first official Ep “Reborn From Ashes?”: a six track work that shifted the style towards a blend of crossover/hardcore. “Reborn From Ashes?” immediately gained the appreciation of both media and fans, and allowed the band  to play around Italy.

The first Lacerhate Album called "Mass Distraction" was released through Revalve Records on Oct 27th 2014 (with worldwide physical and digital distribution) and contains nine tracks of angry metal sound which recall bands like Hatebreed and Slayer, melted with their trademark of haunting riffworks and heavy rhytmic wall.

Over the years, Lacerhate had the pleasure to share the stage with important names of the international metal/hardcore scene (Possessed, Arch Enemy, Walls of Jericho, Aura Noir, Thell Barrio, Death Before Dishonor...) and had the opportunity to play outside Italy (with gigs in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland).

The band finished the recording, mixing and mastering sessions of the new album "Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death."  @SPVN Studio (Stefano Santi) in 2022, and it's ready to release it through 10-54 records (Australian based Hardcore/Metal label & international distribution) on Nov 17th 2022.


With this brand new release the band is more and more determined to bring its distinctive blend of hardcore and metal at a higher level.

The history continues...


Fra: Voice

Mauro: Bass Guitar

Ale: Guitar

Ivan: Guitar

Dave: Drums

Lacerhate logo livelli invertito.bmp

Blood.Lies.Idiots.Death. (2022)
***New Album***

Lacerhate logo livelli invertito.bmp


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